Yaesu Yaesu FT-1D

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  FT1DR C4FM 144/430 MHz Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver   The introduction of our FT1DR 12.5 kHz C4FM/FDMA 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Handheld Transceiver ushers in The Dawn of a New Digital Communications Era in Amateur Radio.  Yaesu has introduced the DR-1 Digital Repeater and FTM-400DR Mobile Transceiver products to work with the FT1DR to provide efficient and large data handling  capablities not currently available on the Amateur Radio bands.   The most attractive benefit of digital communication is its ability to transfer large amounts of data. The new FT1DR uses 12.5 kHz C4FM FDMA digital modulation mode to enable high speed data communication capability, reliable voice communication with strong error correction performance. C4FM FDMA provides 9.6 kbps data baud rate speed. It is significantly different from existing digital Amateur Radio and expands the opportunities for Amateur radio operators activities in the future.   The new FT1DR provides three digital modes (V/D mode, Voice FR mode, Data FR mode) and a Analog mode: ·         V/D mode is Voice and Data communication in the same time frame. This mode enables the transceiver to send voice data with GPS position data and ID data in the same time frame. Also, this mode can pass the voice data with strong error correction data to stabilize the digital communication. This mode will be the basic mode of C4FM FDMA Digital HAM radio. ·         Data FR mode uses the full rate of data capacity for transfering data. This mode enables you to transfer large amounts of data, text messages, images, and voice memo data with double speed in V/D mode. ·         Voice FR mode uses the full rate of data capacity for voice data. This mode enables you to transfer clear, high quality voice data. ·         Analog FM mode is the same as current FM mode allowing you to communicate with all VHF/UHF HAM radio operators. The new FT1DR has very useful function to identify and automatically select these four modes and when the radio receives a signal.   We included many additional features in the FT1DR to make it standard digital communication equipment for all Amateur Radio operators.  Please see the detailed Feature descriptions below.  We also recommend viewing and/or downloading the FT1DR Brochure that is available by clicking on the "Files" at the top of above this page.