Yaesu FT-102

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Some reasons to acquire a Yaesu FT-102: The FT-102 Transmitter boasts: 1. -Lowest transmitter distortion of any transceiver ever tested by QST @ -40 dB. Translated that means that transmitter distortion is less than .01% or 1 part in ten thousand. (QST 10/83) 2. -Highest peak envelop power of any SSB transceiver on the market @ 225 watts. Continuous key down power is 160 to 180 watts. Receiver: 1. -Sensitivity @ .12 to .145 UV for 10 dB S+N/N thru the wide SSB filter with the RF amp engaged and peaked. Join us as we explore further this classic transceiver! No need to operate the multiple menu stages. The FT-102 every control is labeled and what you see is what you get – so no confusion or accidental changes of the menus and you don't have to read the manual to find out how to get back to ground zero. Clean clear operation, low cost, reliable and will overall as a transceiver outperform anything under $10,000. We also invite you to visit the Fox Tango Web site at http://www.foxtango.org Group Owners Fox Tango International