Yaesu FT-101E

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The FT-101 is a hybrid radio that employs a solid state transmitter, receiver, and a tube final amplifier. The solid state features of the radio offer high-performance, low-current characteristics, while the tube amplifier provides a nearly "bullet-proof" transmitter and tuner stage. The tube amplifier consists of a 12BY7A pre-driver stage that feeds a pair of 6JS6C tubes providing a nominal output power of 130 watts PEP SSB, 90 watts CW, 40 watts AM. The 6JS6C tubes are matched to 50 Ohms through a conventional pi-output network. The pi-network transforms the 3000 ohm output impedance of the tubes to a 50 Ohm feed system, provides harmonic attenuation, and can actually match to a variety of output impedances from 25 to 100 Ohms with ease.