Yaesu FT-707

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The FT-707 is an all solid state HF Tranceiver for the amateur bands. Frequency coverage from 80 to 10 meters with operation in SSB, CW and AM modes. Nominal power output is 100 watts on SSB and CW, and 50 watts on AM. The receiver included the famous Yaesu's variable IF bandwidth, using two 8 pole IF filters, allowing continously variable adjustment of the IF bandwidth, from 300 Hz to 2,4 kHz. The transmitter side features two powerful bipolar transistors with multiple protection in the final amplifier stage, with bandswitched low pass filter network providing excellent spectral purity. Available option is the FV-707DM external VFO, which provides twelve memory channels using a sophisticated synthetizer which allows scanning in 10 Hz steps and offset from memory channels. Scanning controls on the YM-35 microphone allow fingertip frequency control of the operating frequency when using the FV-707DM. When using the scanning controls on SSB or CW, the 10 Hz channel steps are not discernible, so the sound heared sweeping the band sounds just like a regular analog VFO. Digital plus analog display of the operaing frequency is provided. The front panel meter consist of a string of brigt discrete LEDs, for monitoring of the received signal stenght, relative power output, and the trasmit ALC level.