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KI4VMK Updated 12 days ago

POTA hunting is so cool. Would I even care to turn the radio on everyday if not for hunting activations? I doubt it.

W8DBC Updated 13 days ago

Just made a few contacts on 20 meters PSK31

KI4VMK Updated 13 days ago
Liked by: W8DBC

Monitoring the EAARS Repeater here in Tucson, Az

N7JND Updated 24 days ago

Studying for General

N3DEN Updated about 1 month ago

exploring and watching a documentary about a Grateful Dead tour in 1970.

KM4RDP Updated 2 months ago

Watching the Chosen

KC8CDM Updated 2 months ago

On the positive side, main reason for frequent trips to the US was my girlfriend there. She is now my wife and lives in HB9 :-)

HB9PVI Updated 3 months ago

Presently working on backlog of real QSL cards (to be snail-mailed). 73 to all

HB9PVI Updated 3 months ago

Am retired now, no more trips to the US for now because of COVID. More time for Ham-radio, some FT-8 recently.

HB9PVI Updated 3 months ago

setting up winlink

KC0YEF Updated 4 months ago

Surfing Web for Amateur Radio Sites

W4BLU Updated 4 months ago


SO3LEH Updated 6 months ago

Looking for a way to remove receiver noise

KB1DPD Updated 6 months ago

Hello @73s

NR0Q Updated 7 months ago

Showing off my YouTube channel!

XE1GIT Updated 7 months ago

Anyone else using a gopher account or a gopherhole?

KD4WOV Updated 7 months ago

PLaying with gopher look at gopher://

KD4WOV Updated 7 months ago

Passed my general test last night, excited to get on these new HF frequencies!

KD5IYZ Updated 9 months ago


N7ICE Updated 9 months ago

Trying to recover all my lost urls from a computer crash

VE3OGP Updated 9 months ago
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Is APRS connectivity still active?

M0OLI Updated 10 months ago

I am relaxing after working om the lawn. I am also active on HF with FT8 and SSB. And om DMR

LA3JRA Updated 11 months ago
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IK2VFW Updated 11 months ago


IK2VFW Updated 11 months ago


IK2VFW Updated 11 months ago