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NO. :TG-UV NAME : TG-UV INFO : The Optional Accessories: •Car Charger Two,Car Charger with Battery •Headset? QS-P QS-E QS-C QS-B •Speaker Key Specifications/Special Features: •Frequency range: FM: 88-108MHz (only receiver) VHF: 136-174MHz UHF1: 350-390MHz (only receiver) UHF2: 400-470MHz UHF3: 470-520MHz (only receiver) •Dual band •FM Radio •1750 call tone(Optional) •Channel name edit(Optional) •UHF2:400-470MHz can change to 420-490MHz(Optional) •Voice scrambler(Optional) •CTCSS/DCS •Auto search •Battery : Li-ion battery •Dual-watch operation •Power switch:4w/2w/1w •Built-in VOX function •Priority scan •Wide/narrow bandwidth •PC programme or keypads programme •Busy lock •Cable clone •Alarm function •Transmitter: ?Power output: High?4w Medium ?2w Low ?1w ?Emission Current: ?1.5A ?Modulation sensitivity: 12mV ?Modulation Distortion: <5% ?Modulation Limiting : Wide <5KHz Narrow <2.5KHz ?Modulation Mode: 16?F3E 11K?F3E ?Remanent Radiation ?7?w ?Preemphasis character : 6dB ?CTCSS/DCS Frequency Deviation :0.75KHz±50Hz 0.37KHz±30Hz •Receiver: ?RF Sensitivity: -122dBm(12dB SINAD) ?Modulation Receiver Bandwith: 5KHz ?Audio Distortion: ?10% ?Audio power: <0.5w ?Audio Response:6dB ?Blocking: ?85dB ?Spurious response rejection: ?65db •Dimensions: 110mmx 56mmx 37mm •Weight: 0.85KG