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The Diamond RH3 is called a "Bullet" antenna because it is not much longer than a bullet! It is only 1.75 inches tall and is designed for 2 Meters and 440 MHz. It can be used for wideband receive from 120 to 900 MHz. Frankly it is not much for gain (-2.5 dB relative to stock antennas), but it is conveniently compact. It can handle up to 10 watts and terminates to a 50 ohm BNC.


+6dB gain relative to typical stock antennas. Comes in BNC and SMA mounts.


Super Flexible element Gain: 2.15dBi(70cm); Max power rating: 10W; Impediance: 50 Ohms; Length: 40cm/16in; Weight: 40g; Connector: SMA Type: 1/4-wavelength (2m); 1/2-wavelength radialless (70cm); 8 band coverage (2 amateur radio plus 6 more bands for receiving: 120/150/300/450/800/900MHz) (Note: This antenna is identical to the Diamond RHF40 but features an SMA connector instead of a BNC.)


144/430MHz(2m/70cm) Gain: 4.3dB(144MHz), 6.8dB(430MHz) / Max. power rating: 150W / Impedance: 50ohms VSWR: Less than 1.5:1/ Length: 1.27m / Weight: 350g / Connector: M Type: 5/8wave double C-Load radialless(144MHz), 2x5/8wave C-Load radialless(430MHz)


Frequency range:144 to 470MHz Power display range:15W 150W Accuracy at full scale:10%AT.FS Minimum power at SWR measurement:3W Connector:M-J Dimensions:85Wx87Hx95Dmm Weight:270g Impedance:50ohms


Medium Size mobile antenna mount with PL-259 connector and cable.


Tri-band 2m/1.25m/.70cm mobile antenna with PL259 connector


The chrome plated SB-123 has been replaced with the black anodized SBB-123. Single-band 1240-1300MHz mobile antenna D-STAR Gain & Wave: 7.2dBi 5?8 wave x 3 VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Pwr: 50 watts Length: 24" Connector: N-Type NEW BLACK COLOR

Diamond X-30

2m/70cm Dual Band Vertical Gain 3.0db(2m)/5.5db(70cm) Max Power 150 watts Wind 135 (mph) 1/2 wave element(2m),5/8 wave two element(70cm) v.swr is less than 1.5:1

Diamond SG7500NMO

One of Diamond® Antenna's Supergainer® Premium mobile antennas.


SBB-224 Tri-Band 146/220/446MHz Gain & Wave: 146MHz 2.15dBi 1?4 wave 220MHz 3.5dBi 5?8 wave 446MHz 6.0dBi 5?8 wave x 2 VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 100 watts Length: 36” Connector: SBB-224 PL-259 SBB-224NMO NMO Type

Diamond F22

F22 144MHz(2m) Frequency:144MHz/ Gain:6.7dB/ Max. power rating:200W/ Impedance:50ohms/ VSWR:Less than 1.5:1 Length:3.2m/ Weight:1.3kg/ Rated wind velocity:40m/sec./ Mast diameter accepted:30mm to 62mm Connector:M/ Type:2x7/8 wave FRP outershell


One of Diamond® Antenna's Supergainer® Premium mobile antennas.

X500HNA Base/Repeater Antenna

Special Features: • Heavy duty fiberglass radome • Overlapping outer shells for added strength • Stainless steel mounting hardware and radials • Strong waterproof joint couplings • Type-N cable connection • Wide band performance Specifications: Band: 2m/70cm Gain (dB): 8.3/11.7 Max Power Rating: 200 watts Wind Rating: 90 MPH (no ice) Height (feet): 17.8 Connector: Type-N


17.5' 2M/440 ANTENNA


4 or 5 band Mobile antenna. 6,2M & 70cm built in. Comes with loading coil for 10M. Loading coils available for 40, 20, 17 & 15M bands. Can use up to 2 HF coils at a time for 5 band operation.


50/144/430MHz AM/FM/Air band/150/300/450/900MHz for receiving only Gain:2.15dBi(230MHz) / Max. power rating:10W / Impedance:50ohms Length:45cm / Weight:44g / Connector:SMA-P / Type:1/4wave(144MHz), 1/2wave (430MHz) this antenna is very top heavy and flexible!

Comet SBB-7

SBB-7 SBB-7NMO DualBand 2M/70cm mobile antenna Gain & Wavelength: 2M: 4.5dBi 6?8 wave center-load 70cm: 7.2dBi 5?8 wave x 3 VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 70W FM Length: 55" Connector: SBB-7 Gold-plated PL-259 SBB-7NMO NMO Connector

HT-224 - 2m/220/440 HT Antenna

Triband 2M/220/70cm HT Antenna Extended receive range: 118-160MHz, 250-290MHz, 360-390MHz, 420-470MHz, 820-960MHz. Gain & Wave: 2M 1.3dBi 1?4 wave 220MHz 1.4dBi 1?2 wave 70cm 1.8dBi 5?8 wave Max Power: 10 watts Length: 11 inches Connector: SMA Although the HT-224 improves the performance of 2M, 220 and 440, it favors 2M and 440 in particular

Diamond X200A Dual Band Base Antenna

Special Features: • Fiberglass radomes • Overlapping outer shells for added strength • Strong waterproof joint couplings • Stainless steel hardware • Wide band performance • Factory adjusted – no tuning required • Highest gain • High wind rating • DC grounded Specifications: Band: 2m/70cm Gain (dB): 6.0/8.0 Max Power Rating: 200 Wind Rating: 112 Height (feet): 8.3 Connector: UHF Element Phasing: 2-5/8l, 4-5/8l

SX-100 Power Meter

The SX100 measures forward and reflected power and VSWR. Compact size makes meter useful for testing both base and mobile installations. Special Features: • Illuminated meter* • Switchable r.m.s. or peak power • Measures forward, reflected & VSWR power • 6"W x 2"H x 4"D, 2 lbs. Specifications: Frequency: 1.6-60 MHz Power Ranges: 30/300/3KW* Connector: SO-239 Min. Power SWR Test:: 20W Remarks: *1200W continuous AM/CW

Comet SSB-2

SBB-2 SBB-2NMO DualBand 2M/70cm mobile antenna Gain & Wavelength: 2M 2.15dBi 1?4 wave 70cm: 3.8dBi 5?8 wave VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 60 watts Length: 18" Connector: SBB-2 Gold-plated PL-259 SBB-2NMO NMO

RH795: 70 to 1000MHz Wide-band antenna

RH789:95-1100MHz Wide-band antenna Length:80.5cm (full length).19.5cm (retracted) 6stages / Weight:35g Gain:2.15dBi / Max.power rating:10W FM / Impedance:50ohms Connector:BNC-P / Type:1/4 wave(95-300MHz),5/8 wave(300-1100MHz),180 degrees tilt angle adjustable, telescopic whip antenna

Diamond DL-30A Dummy Load

Frequency range:DC to 500MHz / Power rating:15W(AVG),100W(PEAK) Impedance:50ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.15:1 Input connector:M-P / Dimensions:30mmxL75mm

SRH77CA Dualband HT/Scanner Antenna

High quality, high gain + receive up to 900 MHz HT antenna. Increase the performance on your handheld or wideband scanner with a Diamond® SRH Series antenna. Specifications: Bands: 2m/70cm + receive up to 900 MHz *Gain (relative): +6dB Watts: 10 Height: 15" Connector: SMA

Diamond D-130J

The Diamond D-130J discone antenna receives solid from 25 to 1300 MHz! It can also be used for transmit on 50, 144, 430, 900 and 1200 MHz ham bands (under 100 watts). The discone design offers the best performance possible in an omni-directional antenna. The D-130J is our most popular VHF/UHF monitor antenna. This stainless steel antenna is 5.5 feet (1.7m) high and attaches to any standard mast from 0.98-2.05 inches (25-52 mm) with two supplied U-bolts. The mast is not supplied. Weight is 2.2 lbs (1 kg). The D-130J terminates in an SO-239 jack (it accepts a PL-259). Coax cable is not included.


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Diamond nr770hb

NR770HB mobile antenna, 2m 1 1/2 wave , 70 cm 2 5/8 waves 200 watts maximum with a UHF connector, 40.2 inches long.

V2000 Tri-band Base Antenna

V2000: 50/144/430MHz(6m/2m/70cm) Length:2.5m / Radial length:approx.92cm(50MHz),52cm / Weight:1.2kg Gain:2.15dBi(50~52MHz),6.2dB(144MHz),8.4dB(430MHz) Max.power rating:150W FM(Total) / Impedance:50ohms VSWR:Less than 1.5:1 / Rated wind velocity:50m/sec. Mast diameter accepted:30mm to 62mm / Connector:MJ Type:1/2wave C-Load(50MHz),2x5/8wave C-Load(144MHz),4x5/8wave C-Load(430MHz)

Diamond X-50a

The X50NA and X50A are excellent choices where ruggedness is required in a medium-gain, dual-band application.