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high power antenna tuner model 238 A

RX-320D HF Receiver

The TEN-TEC RX-320D PC-controlled shortwave receiver allows quality SWLing for a fraction of the price of other shortwave receivers. Load the 1 MB of software from the included CD-ROM to your hard drive, connect the RX-320D to an open serial port, plug the radio into the wall and you’re ready to explore the world. No serial port? Use the provided serial port-to-USB adapter to plug RX-320D into an open USB port on your PC.

Ten-Tec Omni VII HF+6

hf+6 hf transceiver

Ten Tec Jupiter

MODES: LSB, USB, CW, RTTY (AFSK), FM, AM. FREQUENCY RANGE: Receive - 100 kHz to 30 MHz. Transmit - all ham bands 160-10 meters. Modifiable for MARS use with proof of licensed authority. DISPLAY: LCD DUAL VFOs with SPLIT mode. OFFSET TUNING: +/- 10 kHz receive and transmit MEMORIES: 100 FREQUENCY ACCURACY: +/-90 Hz at 25 degrees C at 30 MHz for 1 yr ANTENNA: 50 ohms unbalanced. POWER REQUIRED: 1.5A receive, 20A transmit @ 12-14 VDC CONSTRUCTION: 8 epoxy glass PC boards, molded front panel, aluminum chassis, texture painted steel cover. DIMENSIONS: HxWxD 5"x12.125"x13" (12.7x30.8x33 cm). Depth measurement includes rear panel heat sink. WEIGHT: 11.5 lbs. (5.23 kg.)

TenTec Argosy

The CW Station At NN4NCs Qth

963 Power Supply

Model 963: Switching power supply for Ten-Tec HF transceivers. 115/230 VAC input, 25 amps continuous duty at 13.8 VDC output. Screw down terminals on rear for attachment of transceiver power cable. Size: HWD 3.75“x7“x9.25”. Weight, 4 pounds.

307B Black External Speaker

The model 307B external communications speaker is designed for use with Ten-Tec radio receivers and transceivers. The 307B is a black cabinet as used for the Orion, Orion II, and Argonaut V HF transceivers, Omni-VII and the RX-350D receiver. The cabinet and speaker are suitable for every possible communcation need, from clean CW operation to well-rounded AM receive audio. The speaker response is 100 to 18000 Hz, 4 ohms impedance, 5 watts power. Speaker measures 4 inches diameter. Out of stock – shipping again approximately August 15, 2009.

rig-to-soundcard isolation and hookup kit

The model 1213 kit allows the rear panel AUX I/O jack on the Orion and Orion II transceivers, the rear panel ACC 1 jack on the Omni VII and Jupiter transceivers, or the front panel ACCESSORY jack on the Pegasus to be directly connected to a typical PC sound card for digital mode operation.

Omni VI

HF transceiver

Ten-Tec Triton IV

100w hf Base analog display solid state production 1970s

Ten Tec Hercules II 420

500 watt solid state rf amp

TenTec 580 Delta

Basic, no frills, works great

TenTec 580 Delta

Basic, no frills, works great

Omni C

HF SSB/CW rig manufactured around 1978. Operates on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 15, and 10 meters stock, with optional crystals for 12 and 17 meters.