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Flex 5000

FlexRadio Systems introduces the FLEX-5000A™ ultra high performance Software Defined Radio transceivers. The FLEX-5000A integrates all I/Q data and hardware control over a single FireWire® (IEEE-1394a) connection to a user provided computer.

Flex 3000

The FLEX-3000 is the high performancemid-range 100 watt all-band, all-mode amateur radio transceiver that achieves receiver performance that rivals all other traditional analogor hybrid DSP transceivers in its price class. The FLEX-3000 is the perfect transceiver for hams just getting started with high performancefully software defined radios or a companion SDR for existing FLEX-5000 owners who want a more convenient solution for portable operation.

Flex 1500

The latest addition to the "FLEX" family of software defined radios is the FLEX-1500. A low-cost, low-wattage SDR that is positioned to allow ham radio operators the ability toexperience the incredible capabilities and just plain fun of operating a software defined radios without breaking the budget. The FLEX-1500 is the quintessential entry-level SDR from the same company that brought you the innovative FLEX-5000™ and FLEX-3000™ software defined radios. The FLEX-1500 comes packed with features that make it ideally positioned to be the ultimate low cost, high performance IF deck for VHF-microwave transverter operation. With a price point set below $700 USD and the continuous improvements and upgrades provided by PowerSDR™, the FLEX-1500 is by far the best value for any entry-level amateur radio available today produced by any manufacturer.