Austin antennas Suburban 3 & 4 Band Antennas

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Suburban 3 & 4 Band Antennas No-Tuning and No Radials required with these Amateur Multiband Omni antennas! The Suburbans from Austin Antenna are multiband, center-fed 1/2 wave antennas. Models are available for 3 and 4 bands. All models are ground-independent which means that no ground planes or ground radials are required. Center-fed coupling also provides maximum radiation on the horizon for the best apparent gain. Performance equals or exceeds a 1/2 wave dipole on each band (2.14 dBi). Suburbans are provided with a 1.125 inch mounting tube for easy mounting to TV masts, chimmey mounts, eave mounts, and other low cost TV type mounts. This is a great multiband, low profile, antenna for your VHF/UHF FM or Packet station. The three band and 4 band with 1200MHz antennas are 69 inches tall. The 4-band 50MHz version is 118 inches tall due to the low frequency band. 3 & 4 Band Triplexers & Quadplexers are available from Austin Antenna to use with these Suburbans. Rated for 100 Watts per band, these multiplexers allow simultaneous, multi-band operation with a single Suburban and coaxial cable. Transmit on one band while listening to all the others. Order either the Triplexer or Quadplexer with a Suburban and Save!