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Comet's BEST DualBand Mobile Antennas 2M/440MHz high gain antenna Gain& Wave: 2M 5/8 wave 4.4dBi 440MHz Two 5/8 waves 6.9dBi VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 150W Length: 50" Connector: Gold-plated PL-259 Fold-over hinge included


Tri-Band 52/146/446MHz Gain & Wave: 52MHz 3.0dBi 5⁄8 wave 146MHz 6.2dBi 5⁄8 wave x 2 446MHz 8.6dBi 5⁄8 wave x 4


The Comet GP9 dual band, three-section, fiberglass vertical base antenna is for 2 meters (5/8 wave x3) and 440 MHz (5/8wave x8). It mounts on a mast (not supplied) from 1.5 to 2.25 inches.


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Tri-Band Mobile Antenna 146/446/1200MHz

SBB-97 The chrome plated SB-97 has been replaced with the black anodized SBB-97 Tri-Band Mobile Antenna 146/446/1200MHz Gain & Wave: 146MHz 3dBi 1⁄2 wave 446MHz 6.8dBi 5⁄8 wave x 2 1200MHz 9.6dBi 5⁄8 wave x 5 VSWR: 1.5:1 or less Max Power: 100 watts Length: 39" Connector: N-Type