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100th Anniversary Original

100th Anniversary Original Vibroplex

Vibrokeyer Deluxe

The Vibroplex® Vibrokeyer is designed for those who prefer a non-iambic paddle. The single lever paddle initiates the automatic dots and dashes with the same motion used to operate the "Bug." The code speed with the Vibrokeyer depends upon the particular electronic keyer with which it is operated. And, you get the same crisp operation at 5 words per minute as you do at 50+ wpm. The Vibrokeyer uses the same main frame and decorative chrome finished parts as the Original "Bug" for the same smooth and easy operating Vibroplex® feel. The Vibrokeyer is for those who want to combine traditional skill with modern electronics. Weight 3 lbs. Cord not included. Available in three models:

Vibrocube Iambic Paddle

Brass Racer Iambic

The Brass Racer Iambic is unique in that there are no springs in the design. Tension on the paddle is infinitely adjustable through the use of magnets. The Brass Racer Iambic is a convenient, space saving portable keyer paddle unit crafted from solid brass with a lacquer coated brushed finish mounted on a hardwood base. Weight 2.5 lbs. Cord included. $149.95