Radiowavz G5RV

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The G5RV Made by RadioWavz was originally developed by Louis Varney in 1946, whose call sign was G5RV/SK That is where we get the name, G5RV. The basic RadioWavz G5RV antenna measures only 102 feet across the top for 80 thru 10 meter operation, and is fed at the center through a low loss twinlead feed-stub. The interaction between the radiating section and the feed-stub makes the G5RV usually easy to match on all-bands from 80 through 10 meters with an ordinary low-cost antenna tuner. (An antenna tuner is required to make this antenna work on multiple bands. With its small size, it provides "almost" dipole equivalent (136ft) coverage on 80 and 40 meters. The antenna was originally designed to work on 20m with 4 to 6 low angle lobes reaching out in all directions which makes it a very popular antenna on the higher frequency bands. For many this is the go to antenna of choice. Their are several verities of the G5RV offered by RadioWavz.