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Doc Wattson Meter - DC Inline

An RV or marine battery monitor should at least tell you the Amp hours drawn from your battery and the Amps being drawn. Our "Doc Wattson" battery monitor does that and much more. The Amp hour (Ah) and Kilo Watt hour (KWh) measurements are much more accurate "fuel gages" than voltage measurements which depend on many other factors. Kilo Watt Hours are better than Amp hours because the effects of voltage change are included in calculating the actual energy delivered to the load. Ah and KWh are much more accurate than the voltage based RV or marine "Battery Indicator" measurements. Peak Amps and minimum volts measurements show you even short duration load events and help you troubleshoot hard to find electrical problems. Statistics are reset when power is removed. Doc Wattson helps you evaluate the effect of component changes and of system tuning on performance.