Listing American morse equipment Products

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A very small, easy to build, QRP tranceiver. A vailable on various frequencies in the 80, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands. Very simple design, but with nice features, including a built-in keyer. The basic kit is just the circuit board, which fits in an altoids tin. There is a controls and connectors kit available for $16. All the prices on thier site include postage and handling.

Mity Box

Custom CAD/CAM engineered CNC hogout enclosure for the Small Wonder Labs Rock Mite transceivers The Mitybox is a custom enclosure for Dave Benson's Small Wonder Labs Rock Mite Transceiver board. The Rock Mite is a compact, simple design that functions well enough for serious portable operating. The crystal-controlled single-band rig has an integral keyer and sidetone, check it out at Small Wonder Labs link below. CNC machined from Aircraft Aluminum billet Designed specifically around the Rock Mite boards Absolute minumum size & weight - 2.2x3.3x.875 inch, under 2 ounces Beautiful Blue Anodized finish - very durable Uses standard miniature off-board components Pre-drilled for all components - board & cover hardware included