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MiniMax MM40-3

An Amazing 40 meter antenna, most can't believe its real. Perfect for the Apartment or any place where you need a small antenna. Can be painted to alter the appearance. High Performance compared to other shortened antennas. Does not need a ground or counterpoise. 1.2:1 SWR at resonance. 600 Watts CW 1Kw SSB. Don't let its small size fool you, this antenna will run with much larger antennas like dipoles and inverted V's, and G5RV's.


The 'Rock-Mite' design grew out of my desire to offer a 'one-evening' CW transceiver kit which would be both affordable and easy to construct. It first appeared at 'Lobstercon' - a QRP gathering on the Maine coast- in early July, 2002, where it was provided to all attendees courtesy of Small Wonder Labs and the NorCal QRP club. It appeared in QST magazine in 2003, and since then, it’s been wildly successful. Approximately 8000 of these have been fielded so far! The Rock-Mite is a crystal-controlled direct-conversion transceiver available for 80M, 40M, 30M or 20M. It features an on-board 8-pin PIC microcontroller which controls a T-R offset on key-down. A brief tap of a pushbutton control switch reverses the offset to yield a second operating frequency. Pushing and holding on the pushbutton activates the speed adjustment routine for the built-in Iambic keyer. If you'd rather use an external keyer or straight key, there's a 'drop-through' mode which allows use of an external keying source. You'll note in the image above that the Rock-Mite uses two crystals. The first is used in the local oscillator for transmitter and receiver. The second is used as a receiver front-end filter. This crystal significantly reduces the SWBC energy present at the receiver mixer; as a result, unwanted SWBC reception is dramatically reduced. The Rock-mite uses one surface-mount part with fairly large spacing. There are no toroids to wind, so assembly should be a snap! The Rock-Mite uses subminiature epoxy-encapsulated RF chokes instead of toroids. SPECIFICATIONS: - Double-sided PCB 2.0" x 2.5", plated-thru-holes, solder masked & silkscreened for easy assembly - 0.5W power output at 12V supply. - Supply voltage range 8-15V AVAILABLE FREQUENCIES: 3560 kHz 3579 kHz 7015 kHz 7030 kHz (QRP calling frequency) 7040 kHz 7122 kHz 10106 kHz 14060 kHz -automatic T/R offset, reversible -Built-in Iambic keyer, 5-40 WPM -Built in sidetone, 700 Hz - Includes assembly instructions and operating tips - All on-board parts supplied in kit (as pictured above)