Elk antennas log-periodic antenna

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* 2M Gain 6.6 dbd (8.7 dBi) * 440 Gain 7 dBd (9 dBi) * 20 +dB Front to Back Ratio * 24 Inch Boom Length * 1:1 SWR 144-148 Mhz, 430-450 Mhz * 200W Max Power 2M, 100W 440 * Weighs 1.5 lbs. * Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy boom * Anodized aluminum elements * Stainless steel hardware * Designed for long life * Super fast and easy assembly/disassembly (three minutes). * Color-coded elements screw onto studs on the color-coded boom- just match the colors! * Two bands with one coax fitting. Use your dual band HT for satellite contacts. * No duplexer required, no duplexer loss, no duplexer power limit, no duplexer cost! * Use all portions of the band without retuning. * Change polarity easily, just twist the mounting assembly to change from vertical to horizontal polarity. * Designed with the latest synthesis software to achieve highest gain and highest front to back ratio for its size. * Now with "soft touch" handle for satellite and foxhunting applications