Cushcraft Laird (Cushcraft) 224WB

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The Laird (Cushcraft) 224WB is a 4 element wideband boomer for 220 MHz. It is the right choice for FM, CW/SSB packet systems and other applications requiring a dedicated directional antenna. Can be mounted for vertical or horizontal polarization. Mast shown is not included. ---------------------------------------------------------- 224WB Specifications Frequency: 222-225 MHz Elements: 4 Gain: 10.2 dB Front To Back Ratio: 24 VSWR 2:1 Bandwidth: >5 MHz. Power:2000 watts PEP Longest Element: 26.7 inches (68 cm) Turning Radius: 3 feet (.9 m) Boom Length: 3 feet (.91 m) Wind Surface: 0.21 sq. feet Connector: UHF (SO239) Weight: 1.7 Lbs (.77 kg)