Buddipole Solar Battery Charge Controller

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This Charge Controller is intended for Field Use with a Solar Panel and a lead acid or A123 Lithium Iron battery pack. Lithium batteries should be periodically charged with a balancing charger to insure that proper balance is maintained. This Solar Charge Controller does not monitor or guarantee cell balance. This Controller generates a small amount of heat when charge current is flowing. In order to avoid overheating the unit it is advisable to keep it out of direct sunlight when in use. ● Regulates charge current from solar panel to 12 volt lead acid or Lithium Iron battery ○ Compatible with four cell Lithium Iron A123 type battery ○ Compatible with six cell Flooded, Gel or AGM type lead acid battery ● Controls charging current with solid state charge control switch ● Detects Panel and Battery state on either connector ● Indicates Status with Red and Green Color LEDs ● Uses convenient Standard Anderson PowerPole connectors