Oak hills research RFL-100 100W RF Load Kit

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The Oak Hills Research RFL-100 was designed specifically for the QRP operator and builder, who needs an accurate and stable 50 Ohm load. Most single-resistor commercial loads are low by four or five ohms, and that can be important when every milliwatt counts. Tolerance errors in the RFL-100's 20 resistors tend to balance each other out, and the completed kit will come up within a couple decimal points of 50 Ohms. The assembled RFL-100 measures 4-1/4" wide by 6" front to back by 2" high, and weighs 12 Oz. Features: 50 Ohm Resistive Load to 144MHz 100W Continuous Power Dissipation (higher loads are possible for short periods) Air Convection Cooled through vented enclosure 20 Metal-oxide Resistors for shared power and heat dissipation Non-inductive load within 2% of nominal 50 Ohms SO-239 connector, with delrin insulator and gold-plated center pen for easy, reliable soldering. High temperature printed circuit board with two-ounce copper traces