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WM-2QRP Wattmeter Kit

The Oak Hills Research WM-2 was designed specifically for the QRP operator. The unit operates from 300 KHz to 54 MHz. It will measure forward and reflected power at QRP levels down to 5mW. You can select from three full scale power ranges of 10W, 1W or 100mW with an accuracy of 5% of full scale. A rear panel switch allows you to select the internal 9V battery (battery not included) or external power jack for the operating voltage. The WM-2 uses a very high quality American made 3" meter movement with a large easy to read scale. The meter circuit current drain is typically 1mA, making it great for portable use. The wattmeter can be left in line permanently with very little loss. The kit is supplied with high quality SO-239 connectors, but if you would prefer BNC connectors, you'll find a conversion kit on our Parts Page. The WM-2 is easy to build and align-- alignment consist of setting three voltages with your digital voltmeter. A source of RF is not required for alignment. The completed WM-2 measures (HWD) 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 4" and weighs 16 oz. The kit is complete with cabinet, high quality silkscreened and masked PCB, all components, DC power cord, and instructions.

RFL-100 100W RF Load Kit

The Oak Hills Research RFL-100 was designed specifically for the QRP operator and builder, who needs an accurate and stable 50 Ohm load. Most single-resistor commercial loads are low by four or five ohms, and that can be important when every milliwatt counts. Tolerance errors in the RFL-100's 20 resistors tend to balance each other out, and the completed kit will come up within a couple decimal points of 50 Ohms. The assembled RFL-100 measures 4-1/4" wide by 6" front to back by 2" high, and weighs 12 Oz. Features: 50 Ohm Resistive Load to 144MHz 100W Continuous Power Dissipation (higher loads are possible for short periods) Air Convection Cooled through vented enclosure 20 Metal-oxide Resistors for shared power and heat dissipation Non-inductive load within 2% of nominal 50 Ohms SO-239 connector, with delrin insulator and gold-plated center pen for easy, reliable soldering. High temperature printed circuit board with two-ounce copper traces

OHR/CQC RFL-10 RF Load Kit

OHR has teamed up with the Colorado QRP Club to offer the handiest dang gadget this side of the Pecos - a 10-Watt dummy load kit! This neat little package can be tossed into your backpack, Field Day box or your travel luggage. Also, keep one close by in the shack or at the workbench. No matter what, you'll agree dummy load kits aren't just for dummies anymore - they're for QRPers! The CQC RFL-10 Dummy Load Kit consists of two 5 Watt 100 Ohm metal oxide resistors connected in parallel, giving you a nice non-inductive 50 Ohm DC resistance. We've field tested these babies and they produce a remarkably flat 1:1 SWR from 1.8 - 30 MHz. The main body of the Dummy Load is an S0-239 coaxial socket which allows you to create a nice in-line package. Two sturdy adapters are included, one that allows you to connect directly to an SO-239 coax connector, and another that allows you to connect to BNC socket. Soldering is required, but this little kit is so simple a dummy could load it up. When completed the RFL-10 will dissipate 10W continuously, and up to 25W for brief periods.