Icom IC-703

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The Icom IC-703 Plus all-mode transceiver delivers efficient QRP operation on HF (160-10 meters) and 6 meters. Output can be set for 10, 5, 2.5, 1 or 0.5 watts. Energy conservation is realized by lowering the power source voltage and this rig draws only 300 ma in Standby mode, not 2 amps like some other radios. Many features, usually extra charge, are built-in including: automatic antenna tuner, AF DSP, memory keyer and TCXO (± 0.5 ppm). A large high contrast, backlit LCD keeps you informed. An easy-to-use menu system allows you to tailor many aspects of the radio's operation to your preferences. Other features include IF shift, AF speech compressor, spectrum scope, and SWR analyzer. Four types of scanning are supported. Includes: OPC-1229 DC power cable, spare fuses, key plugs, acc cable and HM-103 hand mic.