About 73s

Welcome to the 73s, the social network for ham radio operators! Some people explain 73s as the FaceBook™ for Hams and we're flattered. Before you comment on the domain, we realize that hardcore Hams have an issue with the plural form of 73 and equate it to meaning "Best Regardses" but we were lucky to find this domain available!

What is the origin of the 73s code dates back to 1935 in a issue of QST magazine but QSL cards have been spotted dating back to 1917 referencing 73s. Perhaps some may argue that 73s could mean "many best regards" - hence the pluralization.

If you are already a licensed Ham Radio operator then setup a profile, raise your antenna, and get ready to communicate with the world. Find, follow, and track amateur radio friends (old and new).

If you are looking for more great ham radio content, check out the following podcasts: 73s HamBrief and ICQ Podcast and Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.

If you are a developer, check out our Developer APIs. We are added more APIs and features by the week; however, we are also taking special requests. If you have a feature request or new Ham ideas that you would like to discuss with us, send me a Direct Message at n7ice [at] 73s.com!

Chris Matthieu ~ N7ICE