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Zachary L Bennett

My uncle, K0WNL, is a General class and has been for a long time. We talked about all the things you could do with Ham Radio back in 1998. That's when I became re-interested. I started studying for the general exam back in 1991-92, having gotten the WB6NOA General Book from Radio Shack from my uncle. I also got the Technician books as well, just in case. The FCC had just recently dropped the code requirement. I decided to skip Novis since the privliges didn't seem worth it from what I can remember. Anyway, I finally sat down and studied for the Tech exam and passed this year (2015). I've always been into electronics & electrics. I work in IT, repairing & building computers and writing software for various platforms. So Ham Radio seemed like a natural fit for me. I was always on a CB growing up but got tired of being cursed off the air by angry truckers & other rude people. I also operated on Marine VHF a lot while out boating. Yet another reason why I wanted to get into amateur radio. I've always been a comms enthusiest. My Amateur Radio goals are to: Join a club, build antennas, participate in Field Day operations, go Fox Hunting, operate Amateur Satellites & ISS, and more. My goal is to get my General ticket next year! I operate from 4 primary locations when not traveling: EN72, EN85/86, EN75, and EN62.

United States
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Updated gear list with Ic-9100

KE8BSM Updated about 1 year ago

Status Update: Currently listening to W8IRA linked repeater system

KE8BSM Updated almost 5 years ago

Updated gear list with Baofeng uv-5r

KE8BSM Updated almost 5 years ago

Joined 73s!

KE8BSM Updated almost 5 years ago