Ham Radio: The Original Social Network

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Welcome to 73s, the social network for ham radio operators! In fact, most Hams would agree that hamradio was the first social network.

73s allows you to find and follow other hamradio operators around the world and track your status updates and QSO logbook contacts online while sharing your activity with other hamradio operators.

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Glyphicons_027_search Callsign Lookups

Look up callsigns in searchbox above or by including the callsign in the URL i.e. http://73s.com/n7ice

Glyphicons_244_conversation Post QSTs via APRS

Post status updates online and via APRS or the site and echo update to Facebook & Twitter!

Glyphicons_043_group Social QSO Logs

Check out our Social QSO logbook with e-QSL cards and google maps of your global contacts!

Glyphicons_046_router Track Ham Gear

Track your ham gear online for other hams to see and discuss ham topics with fellow hams online.

Glyphicons_006_user_add Find / Follow Hams

Find and follow other hams from around the world and receive emails when they mention your callsign online!

Glyphicons_009_magic Ham Radio APIs

Check out our RESTful APIs for looking up callsigns, logging QSOs, & posting status updates!